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Services Offered

As a Type 7 FFL/Class 2 SOT we offer full manufacturing of several AR models, and NFA items (SBR's, and suppressors). We currently offer production of our BSB-15 rifle/pistol series available in 5.56 and 300blk. We also offer AR-10, and AR-9 platforms on a custom order basis. We have several base models to choose from, along with upgrade packages, or any custom upgrades you request. Full custom builds available upon request. All parts are sourced from and manufactured in the USA. 

We also offer custom cerakote and laser engraving. Bring us your ideas, and we will make them happen.

Had your eye on a particular firearm? Looking for a new pistol? Rifle? Shotgun? AK? PCC? Let us know, and we can order it for you.

Transfer fees are $20 for the first 3 items, and $10 per item after that (all in one transaction).

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about any products or services offered. We look forward to providing you with the best experience possible.